The Poetry Banquet 2012

 Poetry Banquet  Poetry Banquet
 Poetry Banquet  Poetry Baquet: break dance

This year’s Poets (students in Year 12) produced a particularly successful and enjoyable Poetry Banquet, held at the beginning of half term. Everyone worked extremely hard and with huge commitment over the preceeding 5 months or so, to give the hundreds of guests a superb evening, raising an impressive £16,000 for the Stonyhurst Children’s Holiday Week in the process.

 Poetry Banquet  Poetry Banquet  Poetry Banquet

Musicians, waiters, Master of Ceremonies, the SCHT speech-maker and auctioneers were all highly professional and well rehearsed. An especially enjoyable feature of this year’s banquet was the inclusion of dance for the first time, illustrating yet more of Poetry’s talents, in the form of graceful ballerinas contrasting with a virtuosic display of break dancing from Gus Sewell. Thanks go to Mrs Morris and Mr Callinicos, the Committee and to every single Poet involved.