Stonyhurst supports Fairtrade

Fair trade logo

Stonyhurst has successfully renewed its Fairtrade Status for the next two years. Fairtrade makes sure that farmers and producer organisations get a fair and stable price for their products to help them support their families and invest in a better future.

To become a Fairtrade School, Stonyhurst had to meet 5 goals:

·         Establish a Fairtrade School Steering Group which meets at least once a term.

·         Write and adopt a Fairtrade Policy which has the support of the board of Governors and is signed by the Head Master.

·         Use and sell Fairtrade products as much as possible.

·         Learn about Fairtrade in at least three subjects in two year groups.

·         Take action for Fairtrade at least once a term in the school and once a year in the community

Thanks go to all those who have made this possible throughout the year,and in particular to the Fairtrade Steering Group, Mrs Church-Taylor our Catering Manager and Miss Ahearne the Domestic Bursar. Choosing Fairtrade is a simple way of putting our mission into action every day and we can make a dramatic impact on the lives of producers around the world.

Many Fairtrade products are now at a competitive rate. Some can be a little more expensive but we should consider the title of a poem by Simukai Chigudu OS:' To whom much is given there is much to be expected'.