New portraits unveiled

Peter and Brigid Pat Gavin

The artist with Peter Pat with the artist's husband, Cedric  
Guests view the paintings The two portraits  
Ellen and Lawrence Wood  

Two portraits of former teachers, Dr Pat Gavin and Peter Hardwick with his wife, Brigid, were unveiled in the Long Room on 29th June 2011. The portraits were painted by artist, Ellen Riley (OS'06) and were commissioned to celebrate the contribution made by these inspirational teachers to Stonyhurst and to so many pupils. 

Peter Hardwick was the Head of English and taught at Stonyhurst from 1955 to 1994. He is still involved in the life of the College, contributing to the Stonyhurst Magazine and running the Senior Essay Society, which he founded in 1968. His wife, Brigid, taught French, English and History of Art at the College from 1968 to 1990 and re-founded and, for many years, ran the Palette Society. Dr Pat Gavin was the Head of Physics and taught at Stonyhurst from 1979 to 2001. All three played an important part in the cultural life of the College.

About the Artist

After leaving Stonyhurst in 2006, Ellen Riley moved to Paris to pursue her artistic career. She looked set for success on the Parisian art scene, but on November 2009, three days before her 22nd birthday, she lost the ability to move her left foot. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour a week before she was due to open her first solo exhibition at the fashionable Swiss Village in Paris. Her cancer is incurable but that hasn’t stopped her working. Repatriated to her Lancashire roots she’s making the most of her situation. While she says her artwork is therapeutic- “it keeps me going because time is ticking and I’ve got paintings to do”- it is also in demand. Churches, community exhibitions and private commissions have all come forward to keep her busy.