The Spanish Exchange

Spanish exchange

The Spanish Exchange group in San Sebastian.

The Spanish Exchange, in its eighth year,  arrived in Durango on Saturday 26th March. Having spent the weekend with their Spanish partners and families, the sixteen Grammarians then spent the week in San Jose Jesuitak, a Jesuit school in the Basque Country. Monday was spent in school, followed by a trip for the British Council Comenius Project we are undertaking. On Tuesday we visited Bilbao, first to the prestigious Deusto Jesuit University for the Project, then into the city centre. Wednesday was spent in school, and on Thursday we went to Loyola, the home of St. Ignatius to visit his house and the impressive Basilica. We then visited San Sebastian on the coast, renowned for its beauty and 'pintxos' or Basque tapas. The warm sunny weather made a walk along the beach a welcome start to the summer!  It has been an excellent week enjoyed by all, with many special memories to look back on.

Miss H. Mercer

Loyola Guggenheim

Loyola.                                                                                      Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.


Deusto Jesuit University, Bilbao.