Catholic Life

St Peter's ChurchStonyhurst challenges everyone to live out their faith in a number of practical ways. We strive to educate  pupils to be ‘men and women for others’.  From Lenten ‘fast’ lunches to our extensive voluntary service programme, this endeavour is evident throughout the school year. It is manifested in pupils’ involvement in many activities and groups which promote social justice, including our pupil-led registered charities. ‘Learning to Care’, for example, raises money for local, national and international charities, whilst the Stonyhurst Children’s Holiday Trust provides a holiday for disabled children each year.Faith is at the heart of life at Stonyhurst College. We offer a Catholic education that takes its spiritual inspiration from St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. St Ignatius helps us to understand what it means to live out the school motto Quant Je Puis (As much as I can). At Stonyhurst, we endeavour to do everything Ad majorem Dei gloriam (to the greater glory of God), and every pupil, whatever their religious background, is encouraged to participate in the spiritual life of the school.

Faith is very much an active part of the life of the College. We have daily morning prayers in every Playroom and the boarders attend Mass each Sunday morning. Additionally, throughout the year, there are various celebratory times of worship, including Feast Days and Playroom Masses. Chaplains are also available for all pupils each day in the Emmaus Centre, which offers a space to support pupils’ spiritual development and  pastoral care.

Pilgrimages and retreats also enhance the spiritual life of the school, such as the Holy Island pilgrimage which takes place immediately after GCSE examinations in the summer. Many pupils, both past and present, choose to participate in the annual Stonyhurst Lourdes Pilgrimage. Each Playroom has a day retreat every year and retreats are organised for parents and staff.

Our partnership with St Peter’s Kubatana, a Jesuit school in Zimbabwe, gives a global perspective to our pupils, who establish pen-friend correspondence with children there. A number of OS spend a gap year working for Jesuit Missions.