Day pupils are very much part of the community at Stonyhurst and enjoy the same excellent facilities, activities and pastoral care as our boarders. Great emphasis is placed upon the importance of each individual playing his or her part in the College community and we pride ourselves on our well integrated pupil body.

Pastoral care

Each day pupil belongs to a Playroom, according to his or her school year, and is in the care of a Playroom Master. The Playroom is their recreational base for the school day, equipped with lockers, comfortable seating and various games such as table tennis, and is where the year-group congregates each morning. Additionally, day girls have access to either the Lower Line (13-16) or Higher Line (Sixth Form) girls’ boarding house and their pastoral wellbeing is also overseen by the appropriate housemistress.

Study facilities

Pupils in Lower Line have access to a year-based study centre, supervised by Playroom staff.  Here, they may store books and materials and study throughout the day. Girls and boys have separate study centres.

Higher Line day pupils also have their own personal study space; the boys in the Higher Line Study Centre, the girls in the Higher Line girls’ house.

Every pupil has access to the More Library which they can use as an alternative study facility. The Library is well stocked and equipped, with computers, fingerprint access and an extensive range of reading material. Wireless network access is also available throughout the College so pupils are able to access the internet from anywhere inside the building.