What makes Stonyhurst different?

Stonyhurst is a Jesuit, Catholic school. This means that we attach particular importance to emotional and spiritual development as well as academic excellence. We encourage everyone to play a full part in the spiritual life of the school and dedicate everything we do to the greater glory of God (Ad Maiorem dei Gloriam).

Are all Stonyhurst pupils Catholic?

Stonyhurst is a Roman Catholic school and approximately 70% of our pupils belong to the Catholic Church. However, we welcome pupils of other denominations.

What is the school uniform? Where can I get it from?

Specific uniform requirements are outlined in the joining pack (for new students) or section 8 of the family Handbook (Stonyhurst College) or in the Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall Handbook. The uniform can be purchased from the school shop which is situated in the college grounds. For more information please consult the relevant document. Alternatively, the school shop can be contacted directly on 01254 827 072.

What are the usual class sizes?

At Stonyhurst and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall there are rarely more than 20 pupils in each class. Class sizes for GCSE and A level depend on the subject but are never more than 20 and can be as few as 3. For more information please refer to the Academic section of Stonyhurst College or Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall.

How many pupils stay on for the sixth form?

The majority of our pupils stay on for Higher Line. For more information about Sixth Form please click here.

What are the subject choices available for GCSE and A level?

There is a wide range of subjects on offer at both GCSE and A level. The lists of subjects available can be found in the Curriculum section which you can access by clicking here.

Is there a division between day pupils and boarders?

All pupils in the school integrate very well. There is no distinction between day pupils and boarders during the course of the day. For more information please consult the relevant Boarding or Day pupil section.  

What percentage of the pupil body is made up of pupils from overseas?

Approximately 30% of our pupils are from overseas.

How closely are boarders supervised?

There is age-appropriate supervision throughout the College and St Mary’s Hall. As they get older, boarders are given more independence. For more information, please consult the Pastoral section of the website or contact the Deputy Head (Pastoral) at either Stonyhurst College or Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall.

Do boarders have to be dropped off and picked up at the beginning and end of every term?

For boarders travelling from London there is a coach organized to take them to and from school. Arrangements for this can be obtained by contacting the school office. For those from other parts of the UK, or from overseas, arrangements can be made through the school office for transport. If pupils make their own arrangements they must inform the school office.

Is there any organised transport for day pupils?

There are two school bus routes. One comes from the Preston direction and the other from Burnley.

Do pupils get help with choosing what they want to do after Stonyhurst?

Our Careers Advisor helps pupils to decide which direction they should take when they leave Stonyhurst. We have also recently launched our very own Careers website, U-Explore, which includes interviews with former pupils about their chosen careers. In addition to the Careers Advisor, tutors help pupils with their university applications.

What kind of academic support do the pupils get? My child has special needs, how will they be catered for? My child is exceptionally bright will they be stretched?

We ensure that every pupil, whatever their academic ability, gets the help, encouragement and support they need to achieve the best possible results for them. For more information please consult the relevant academic section or contact the Deputy Head (Academic) at either Stonyhurst College or Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall.

If my child needs to talk to someone other than a friend, parent or teacher who can they talk to?

We have a qualified counselor who comes to Stonyhurst College and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall each week. Appointments with the counselor can be made via the relevant school reception or through pastoral members of staff. Confidentiality will be broken only in the event of a child protection issue.

What happens if my child is ill?

If anyone is ill or injured they can go to the Health Centre at any time, where trained medical staff are on duty 24 hours a day.

How secure is the school site?

All external doors have a key pad on them at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall, preventing anyone from entering without the code. Parents can enter through reception which is manned at all times during the day and evening and is locked at night.

All the external doors of Stonyhurst College are locked at night and entry can only be gained through the 24 hour reception. All visitors to either the College or Preparatory School are required to wear a visitor’s pass at all times.

Can parents get up-to-date news about the school?

Parents receive a newsletter every term which provides a summary of news and events. Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall boarders’ parents also receive an electronic newsletter compiled each week. Parents can also visit the website which is regularly updated with news and events and can see the latest update by clicking on the RSS feed (located on the front page).

What are the school’s policies on drugs, smoking and alcohol?  

The school has a strict, zero tolerance policy on drugs. Students with a problem will be offered appropriate help. Smoking or alcohol is not permitted in the school grounds or anywhere inside the building. Alcohol and smoking are also forbidden.

How does the school deal with relationships between girls and boys?

Developing relationships is part of maturing as young men and women; our PSHE programme and our ethos guides them to understand and appreciate that they should always be in the context of love and mutual respect. Girls and boys are not allowed in each others rooms at any age. Pupils are asked to refrain from public displays of affection and are reminded that they are expected to behave with the utmost decorum when on the school premises.

Are boys and girls allowed in each other’s living areas?

Boarders at Stonyhurst St Marys Hall are forbidden from entering the areas of boarders of the opposite gender. Girls’ and boys’ areas have key pads with separate codes which prevent entry from other boarders and day pupils, who are not allowed in the boarding accommodation. In Lower Line, girls and boys are forbidden to enter each other’s living quarters. In Higher Line, boys are allowed into the Higher Line girls’ sitting room, if invited by the girls, at certain times at the weekend only; they are not allowed into girls’ rooms under any circumstances.

Do you offer bursaries and award scholarships?

We offer financial assistance in the form of bursaries. All applications for a bursary will be carefully considered by the bursary committee and are strictly means tested.

Scholarships are awarded, at the Headmaster’s discretion, on the basis of merit and amount to anything from a 10% to 50% reduction of the full price of fees (boarding or day). For more information please see the Scholarship section.

I want to make a donation to Stonyhurst. How do I do this?

We greatly appreciate any donation that helps Stonyhurst to develop and progress. There are a number of ways that you can make a donation to Stonyhurst and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall. Information about all the different ways and means can be found on our Development page. Alternatively you can contact the Development Director or a member of the development team.