Sixth Form

At Stonyhurst our Sixth Form is called Higher Line. Year 12 is called Poetry and Year 13, Rhetoric. As the most senior pupils in the College, Poets and Rhetoricians are encouraged to take more responsibility, both for their academic studies and in acting as good role models for our younger pupils. For lots more information about Higher Line then click here to read our Higher Line brochure. This also contains information about each subject at A-level and what is required for studying it at A-level.

The Higher Line years at the College are very much focused on preparing students for the next stage in their lives. Academically, our approach to teaching and learning fosters independent thought and study, and pupils are encouraged to be self-directing in their research, reading and academic work. Pastorally, a strong network of support exists, with each year having its own Playroom Master or Housemistress, the tutor system and the Head of Higher Line.

Higher Line pupils play an important leadership role within the College; the Heads of the Line (Head Boy and Head Girl) are supported by a Committee of prefects and Senior Monitors. Whether or not pupils are given a formal position of authority, each and every Higher Line pupil is given a duty which carries a distinct responsibility.

Spiritual formation remains a fundamental part of life in Higher Line. In addition to Playroom Masses, pupils also follow a two year Theology General course. This allows them to learn more about other religions as well as different aspects of Catholicism and think through their beliefs, cultivating analytical and debating skills. There are many opportunities, too, for Higher Line to take the lead in activities which promote social justice, such as voluntary service, Learning to Care, Stonyhurst Children’s Holiday Week and Faith that does justice.


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