Stonyhurst Association

The Association was formed in 1879 but there are reports of its existence even 60 years before that. The list of Presidents is however complete from 1879. The Association’s primary objective is to foster a strong spirit of union amongst past pupils and friends of Stonyhurst College. This has been fostered in a variety of ways reflecting the spirit of succeeding generations. Recently, this has been evidence by a strong charitable emphasis, embedded with similar developments within the College. This was formalised in 1985, when the Association was granted charitable status by the Charity Commission, after adopting the following objectives, namely:


1.   For the members

To maintain contact with and support the members of the Association, other friends of Stonyhurst and Jesuit schools worldwide, through:

  • Contact database
  • Newsletter
  • Student grants
  • Reunions
  • Annual dinners
  • Sporting events
  • Other annual events

2.   For the Church

To encourage members to develop their faith and support of the Church through:

  • The Association Prayer Book
  • The College Easter Retreats
  • Pilgrimages
  • The repair, maintenance and use of the Sodality Chapel
  • The Association’s Chaplain

3.   For the College

 To work closely with the College and to provide, where possible, support for the College in the achievement of its objectives, through:

  • Association office (supporting the Development and Admissions office)
  • Scholarships, prizes and bursaries
  • Fundraising
  • Publications (through the Association’s St. Omers Press)
  • Careers advice

4.   For the disadvantaged

To provide comfort and support for the disadvantaged, particularly those  suffering from bereavement, poverty, sickness, mental or physical disability, through:

  • The annual Stonyhurst Lourdes pilgrimage
  • Supporting holidays for children with special needs
  • Eagle Aid
  • Promoting the Jesuit Mission Volunteers Programme
  • Benevolent funds


The Stonyhurst Association is run by its officers, committee and full time Office Manager, through its office at the College, and is funded through subscriptions and investment income arising from gifts made over the years by members.


 Stonyhurst Association Registered Charity Number 292122