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The specific projects in this year’s appeal are as diverse as ever. We have set out below how we plan to invest our income in 2015/2016. If you would like to contribute to a specific project please let us know.

  • Bursaries

    The offer of bursaries to deserving families is central to our mission. More than a third of our pupils receive financial assistance. Please help to support bursaries. .

  • Strength and Conditioning Equipment

    We would like to update our gym with new conditioning equipment to support the school’s elite athletes and to help with the development of Stonyhurt’s sporting future.

  • SMH - Outdoor Classroom Facilities

    We plan on extending out outdoor classroom facilities at St. Mary’s Hall.  We require the funding to remove the existing structure in the playground and replacing it with adaptable, wood-based seating, water play, digging, musical and physical areas.

  • Heritage and Collections - The Inca Kings

    The rare and significant collection of 14 portraits of the Inca Kings which are in Stonyhurst’s possession are in urgent need of reframing and some require some conservation work.

    We require £500 per painting.

  • Wherever Stonyhurst Needs It Most

    During each financial year the school must deal with a variety of unexpected costs, some of which cannot be deferred. Should you wish to support this area, we will allocate your gift to those needs that are deemed most urgent.