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Representing what is most distinctive about the College, the Collections and relics held by Stonyhurst tell a unique story about English Catholicism.

“We are custodians of a wonderful collection at Stonyhurst. It is our duty to conserve it for future generations to enjoy.” – Jan Graffius, Curator

Stonyhurst has successfully raised funds specifically for the purpose of conserving and restoring many such items within the Collections.

A selection of these are:-

  • The commissioning of a new portrait of Fr. Robert Persons, funded by the Rhetoric Gift 2009.
  • The Stonyhurst Alabasters, dating from around 1400 to 1550s which were discovered when the College moved to Stonyhurst in 1794. The sculptures were in need of serious conservation work and this was achieved through gifts to the Annual Fund.
  • An oil on wood panel, now known as ‘The Coury Icon’ (of 17th or 18th Century origin) was suffering from damage and flaking and was in need of restoration.  Made possible by donations to the Annual Fund.
  • A French silk banner of Madonna and Child has been restored with donations from the Rhetoric Gift 2011. The banner was generously donated to the College in 1919 following its rescue from Le Cateau church during WW1.
  • The Fernando Llort triptych was commissioned and paid for by the Rhetoric Gift 2011 and is on display next to a Romero relic that our curator received in El Salvador.  A small silver and glass reliquary to hold the relic was purchased.
  • The Silver Reliquary holding St Edmund Campion’s rope is currently undergoing restoration as a result of support of the Rhetoric Gift 2013.