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Stonyhurst is sometimes perceived to be a rich school however, the truth is that without the generosity of parents, OS and others connected with Stonyhurst, we would not have survived and prospered for over 400 years.

In 2009 the Jesuit Province transferred the buildings along with an endowment to Stonyhurst. This means the Jesuit Province no longer has financial responsibility for Stonyhurst and we are now wholly responsible for the upkeep of both the College and St Mary’s Hall.

Tuition fees alone do not cover all the costs here at Stonyhurst and by supporting us you are helping to expand our pupils’ horizons and enabling important changes to happen sooner rather than later.

By donating to Stonyhurst you are helping its future by enabling us to provide more Bursaries to deserving pupils, to develop our magnificent Grade 1* listed buildings, to update our facilities and to meet our strategic development plans.