Events & Speakers | Posted 07.12.2016

On the evening of Wednesday 30th November, Stonyhurst recognised 37 committed employees who have served the College for 25 years of more.

The pastoral deputy Mr Patrick McBeth provided the accompanying music whilst members of the Senior Management Team served an array of drinks and canapés. These extremely dedicated and supportive representatives from the teaching and non-teaching staff hold some impressive records, there is 1086 years of service between them, some have seen the school under as many as 6 headmasters, and the longest member, David Knight, has worked at the College for 49 years!

David Knight remarked that “it was a terrific evening with a genuine feeling of warmth”.  He also added that he had “never been to anything like it” at the College before.  The evening was a lovely chance for respective colleagues to share stories, experiences and laughter at the place which has been such a fundamental part of their lives.

All the honoured members of staff were given a Darlington Crystal Clock to thank them for all their tremendous support and commitment to the College.  They really are an inspiration to the whole community.