The UK's leading Catholic boarding and day school for 3-18 year olds.

Stonyhurst is a springboard to a life of purpose. As we guide every pupil through their own individual academic, sporting, creative, spiritual and emotional journey, we watch with great pride as our boys and girls grow to be men and women for others.

Quant Je Puis — ‘As much as I can’

What Others Say


Report highlights:

• Rated Excellent in all areas.

• Pupils possess strong study skills and take an inquiry-based approach to their studies.

• Pupils are highly articulate and speak with eloquence when addressing others.

• Pupils show strong levels of perseverance when faced with challenges.

• Pupils demonstrate high levels of self-esteem.

• Pupils have a strong appreciation for the multi-cultural nature and diversity of the school community.

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Good Schools Guide

Report highlights:

• 'The playrooms at break times certainly seem friendly places, a mad throng of chat.'

• 'Broad curriculum allows students to follow their interests.'

• 'Outward looking and inclusive Catholic boarding school.'

• 'Pupils are encouraged to become their best selves, give back to the world and aspire to great heights academically.'

• 'Impressive array of sports facilities'.

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Tatler Schools Guide

'With the oldest museum in the English speaking world and five libraries at their disposal, it's no wonder academic results are strong. Success extends outside the classroom: the girls' cricket team are the 2020 indoor champions, Little Shop of Horrors was a hit, and, thanks to a pupil led initiative, a Syrian refugee family now lives happily in the local community. 'Quant je puis' indeed.'

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Talk Education

Even the most secular can’t fail to be amazed by Stonyhurst, and with its superlative facilities, high-quality teaching and extraordinary heritage comes immense privilege. Most children peer at Henry VII’s cope and chasuble in a textbook – at Stonyhurst, they are there in the classroom with them. How’s that for bragging rights?

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We would be delighted to welcome you for a private visit

During a private visit you will begin by meeting the Headmaster, Mr John Browne for Stonyhurst College and Fr Christopher Cann for St Mary's Hall. You will then have the opportunity to meet other key members of our staff to talk more specifically about areas you are interested in on a one-to-one basis.

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An enriched pathway for your child...

Scholarships are the highest awards offered by Stonyhurst and are granted at the discretion of the Headmaster. Scholarships offer an enriched pathway including individualised support, trips across the globe and more...

Scholarships are available in Academics, Drama, Music and Sports. 

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Tennis Dome


Life at Stonyhurst

Pupils at Stonyhurst pursue a life of purpose achieving academic excellence alongside spiritual and emotional growth and learn to embody our school motto, ‘Quant je puis’, meaning ‘as much as I can’, in every activity. Stonyhurst encourages each individual pupil to thrive by enabling them to find, develop and use their unique talents; creating great leaders of the future.


If you believe that Stonyhurst could be the best option for your son or daughter, the admissions section below provides information about the application process for UK and international applicants, plus other information that you will find useful in guiding your decision.


Meet our Director of Admissions

Contact Helen Eastham, our Director of Admissions, who will be happy to help answer any questions you have about life at Stonyhurst, and can aid you on your admission's journey alongside our experienced Registrars. 

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission

Stonyhurst is a Jesuit, Catholic School with a tradition of excellence that seeks to develop the full human potential of its pupils to live lives of faith and justice as citizens of the world. 

Our vision

Through our mission, values and identity, we thrive. Our pupils and our people, all that they can be. 'Quant Je Puis'.

Our way of proceeding

Our aim is to form ‘men and women for others’ by living out the virtues in the Jesuit Profile.

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Pupil running across Stonyhurst fields

We are all different - and this is a place which embraces all kinds of talents and people. Stonyhurst allows us to focus on what we are good at, and to do what we love.

Aitana, Sixth Form Pupil

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Inspired by the beautiful Stonyhurst estate and the heritage of the world’s oldest continuous Jesuit school, our pupils pursue academic excellence alongside spiritual and emotional growth and learn to embody their school motto: Quant Je Puis, As Much As I Can, in every activity.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

was a pupil here


Stonyhurst College

Has a 100% pass rate for IB and A-level

We have

22 sports pitches

We have a

1:7 teacher to pupil ratio

Our observatory

Is fully operational 

Oliver Cromwell

slept in the Top Ref

We have over

35,000 artefacts within our museum

We were the first school

to perform a Shakespeare play

7 of our alumni

have been awarded the Victoria Cross

The former CEO of the New York Times

was a pupil here

Stonyhurst News

Upcoming Events

Attending one of our open events is a great way to see the full spectrum of our school. We hold regular open days for all schools during the Christmas Term and Easter Term, along with an open evening that focuses specifically on Sixth Form options (16 - 18 years).

Online registration is available, and will allow us to tailor your open event experience to the needs of your child.


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