Sherlock and Shakespeare

Sherlock & Shakespeare: The Game’s Afoot!

Explore the genius of two spellbinding storytellers -William Shakespeare and Arthur Conan Doyle – through a variety of artefacts and manuscripts from Stonyhurst’s renowned museum collections, historic libraries and archives, the exhibition features poison tipped blowdarts, jewelled chalices, the famous Shakespeare First Folio, Mary Queen of Scots’ Prayer Book, letters from Arthur Conan Doyle and his Stonyhurst school report. Who was the real Moriarty? Discover the truth about Baskerville Hall. And what does a narwhal tusk have to do with Shakespeare?

Stonyhurst and the First Folio

To enable wider access to Shakespeare’s folio, Stonyhurst has invested in a new museum case, funded through donations. The display case will bring the Shakespeare First Folio into the heart of the College during the Folio400 anniversary for pupils. Our pupils will benefit from daily access to one of the most famous books in the world, exploring Shakespeare’s world, absorbing his writings and learning about his life at their own pace and time of their choosing. Academic staff at Stonyhurst College and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall Prep School will be inspired to draw up lessons, provoke conversations, and even put on dramatic performances to spark young minds by enriching the curriculum. The pages of the Folio will be turned daily so pupils can read through the plays in short bursts.

Stonyhurst is looking forward to sharing this significant part of history with its pupils and the wider community.

Our Common Home

‘Our Common Home’ examines objects from the College’s rich scientific collections, to explore the changing natural world. This short display, which has been put together by Stonyhurst pupils, explores the local environment as a source of inspiration for artists and writers, as well as the importance of travel, exploration, and encounter in shaping our understanding of the natural world.

Medieval Manuscripts 

In the historic Arundell Library, experience a range of beautiful manuscripts from the 12th to the 20th centuries – many on public display for the first time. Other fascinating objects include early images by pioneering Victorian photographers, and Old Master prints by artists including Rembrandt, Durer and Rubens.

2024 Opening Dates & Times

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