Summer School

The Stonyhurst Experience is an exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in an enriching academic and activities-based programme. Our school motto ‘Quant Je Puis – as much as I can’ is our overarching principle and sits at the heart of everything we do.

The Stonyhurst Experience offers a combination of courses for children aged between 10 and 17 years of age. The young people in our care are given the individual attention, encouragement, resources and space to experience student life at Stonyhurst.

Stonyhurst College is the UK’s leading Catholic Independent School for boarders and day students. Set in a magnificent Grade I listed building, the College has a fascinating heritage, fine reputation and excellent facilities.

“Join the family and be part of something special.”




Prepare young people intellectually, spiritually and emotionally to provide leadership in facing the problems of the modern world.


Develop our pupils’ talents by challenging them to give their best in all that they do.


Nurture independently-minded young people, able to think for themselves and to stand up for their beliefs.


Encourage our pupils to become men and women who will do as much as they can for other people.


Provide confidence in using English as a foreign language which will enable our students to learn about others, grow and develop.