Stonyhurst International School, Penang

Expanding Stonyhurst

The opening of Stonyhurst International School, Penang in September 2022 marks one of the most exciting and significant developments in our 429 years of history and we are thrilled to welcome our first pupils, who we will guide and support through their entire learning journey with us. 

Our sister school in Penang offers a truly unique educational experience for pupils through our deeply personalised learning, coaching, advisory and counselling programmes. The organisational structure of our school allows us to allocate children an individual learning coach and mentor to help and support them.

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Built on 4.3 acres of land, Stonyhurst International School boasts state-of-the-art facilities, designed with 21st-century teaching and learning pedagogy in mind. The school is strategically situated in one of the most coveted locations on Penang Island, even enjoying direct access to the beach. The school boasts a 530-seat auditorium, music practice rooms, a dance studio, a multipurpose hall, eight Senior School science labs, two libraries, an Astroturf field, a 25-metre swimming pool, a learner pool, dining hall, and designer classroom spaces.

Stonyhurst Penang School

Academic Excellence

Stonyhurst Penang aims to mirror the academic excellence of Stonyhurst College in the UK. Educational excellence at Stonyhurst extends far beyond the classrooms, with cura personalis - care for the whole person - steadfastly at the heart of all Jesuit schools. Naturally, co-curricular activities and the formation of character are the cornerstones of what makes a Stonyhurst education so unique. Stonyhurst Penang is set to deliver a world-class Jesuit education with deeply personalised learning, coaching, advisory, and counselling programmes.

Why Malaysia?

Malaysia has a rich multicultural tradition and a diversity of ethnic and religious beliefs. We aim to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to celebrate the religious and ethnic diversity that makes Malaysia a truly special place.

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