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Grammar and Syntax

The specification followed at GCSE is AQA (Specification A) 1191 General Art and Design.

Link to AQA website.

The course is carefully structured into components that range from three or four weeks to a full school term. They include: Skills in Drawing and Painting, Ceramic Design, Sculpture Printmaking and Graphic Design. The production of coursework for the pupils’ portfolios is a major focus, throughout the two years.

Art students explore a diverse subject that is directly relevant to them and to the ever evolving creative environment in which we all live. We actively promote creativity and personal investigation through the exploration of processes and techniques. This broadens each student’s skills base through a supported and inspirational environment.

Drawing is fundamental to all aspects of Art but can encompass many components and methods within the course such as: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Mixed Media, ceramics and Photography. The breath of our course enables students to develop conceptual and representative themes such as the figure, still life, landscape and location as well as issues based and religious work.

The course is divided into two units –

Unit 1: Portfolio of Work
This consists of three projects, two during Grammar and one in Syntax.
Controlled Assessment
80 marks – 60%

Unit 2: Externally Set Task
Question papers are issued from 1st  January.
80 marks – 40%
10 hours of sustained focused study.
Candidates respond to their chosen starting point.