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Developments in the biological sciences are happening at breathtaking speed and will hugely affect the lives of each of our students. The exciting and innovative Stonyhurst Biology Department has a long history of encouraging those with an interest in any area of this fascinating subject, and facilitating their pathway to further relevant study or career opportunities.

Students really enjoy their biology lessons and we are proud of the level of their engagement in the subject, evidenced both in their practical work and enthusiastic participation in wider discussion in the classroom. The Biology Society at Stonyhurst is named the Waterton Society after our illustrious OS, Charles Waterton, the eminent naturalist, explorer and taxidermist of the 19th century. Waterton was widely known as a conservationist pioneer, and the first to describe to the Royal Society the precise effects of curare, a fundamental molecule in anaesthetic medicine. We are fortunate to have the Waterton collection as a resource and inspiration for our pupils.