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Approximately 80% of A level Business students go on to study degrees in related courses. Business relates to every aspect of life, it combines well with any other of A Levels though Business with Economics, Maths, Politics and/or languages are popular choices.

The Business specification followed is the AQA AS/A2 course. Link to AQA website.

In Higher Line we offer a number of enrichment activities including half-termly Industrial Society talks. By utilising our well established contacts and business links, we are able to offer pupils a wide variety of quality talks by key business leaders throughout the year. At the end of the AS year we have a Business visit to either Graham and Brown Ltd or Jaguar Land Rover. These visits really bring to life the theory pupils have studied in class.

At least once each academic year we offer pupils the opportunity to take part in an Accountancy challenge game run by the ICAEW, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. This allows students to build, challenge and develop their employability and business skills as well as bringing the role of a chartered accountant to life.  Pupils are also given the opportunity to take part in weekly enterprise activities, including setting up their own social enterprise company, selling their own range of products as well as running a fund raising group to sell school products to support the school’s charity LTC.

At AS pupils are introduced to the challenges and issues of starting a business such as financial planning and market research.  They will then focus on how established businesses might improve their effectiveness in terms of their Operations, Marketing Finance and Human Resources. Assessment:

Unit 1: Planning and Financing a Business- 1 hour 15 minutes examination.

Unit 2: Managing a Business- 1 hour 30 minutes examination.

The A2 specification considers strategies for larger business and how mangers might measure the performance of the business.  It also considers the effects that external factors have on businesses and how businesses plan for and manage change. Assessment:

Unit 3: Strategies for Success- 1 hour 45 minutes examination.

Unit 4: The Business Environment and Managing Change- 1 hour 45 minutes examination.


Business and Management is the study of business functions, management processes and decision-making in a world of strategic uncertainty. We examine how business decisions are influenced by factors internal and external to an organization, and how these decisions impact upon its stakeholders.

For both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) there are two externally assessed papers, which are taken at the end of year two. Both papers assess all aspects of the course, although for HL candidates, Paper 2 focuses more on the quantitative elements of the syllabus.

Internal assessment (25% of total marks): SL candidates will produce a 1500 word commentary based on 3/5 supporting documents about a real issue or problem facing a particular organisation. HL candidates research and write a report of 2000 words on an issue facing an organisation or a decision to be made by an organisation.

Link to International Baccalaureate website.