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Grammar and Syntax

At GCSE Chemistry we follow the AQA specification. Link to AQA website.

This is a wide-ranging course which provides sound depth suitable for progression to A-Level.  It also requires knowledge of practical scientific principles to facilitate coursework. Our pupils continue to develop their scientific skills base, engaging with scientific inquiry in the pursuit of greater understanding of the world and their place in it.

Chemistry is essentially an experimental science and as such, the course devotes a high proportion of the time to practical experimentation and investigative work. Practical work is linked to “real life” contexts, such as investigating factors affecting the success of electroplating of jewellery, or the effect of polymerisation conditions on the properties of plastics.  Content includes:-

  • Rocks and Metals
  • Products from Oil
  • Structures of Atoms, Molecules and Compounds
  • Physical Chemistry – Rates and Energy
  • The Periodic Table
  • Acids, Alkalis and Salts

Assessment is by three 1-hour written papers, to be sat at the end of the 2-year course. Each paper is worth 25% of the total marks.  The remaining 25% comes from a coursework component, comprising an Investigative Skills Assignment (ISA).