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Pre-Prep to Elements

St Mary’s Hall pupils use ICT as part of their learning journey, right from Hodder House, where they work on individual i-pads.  When they reach Prep, aged 7, they learn how to use chrome books, and their skills increase throughout their early education, with ict skills developing and incorporated into most aspects of class work and research.

Pupils explore ICT and learn to use it confidently and with purpose to achieve specific outcomes. They start to use ICT to develop their ideas and record their creative work, becoming familiar with hardware and software.

As part of their learning at SMH, students gather information from a variety of sources including people, books, databases, CD-ROMs, videos and TV.  They enter and store this information in a variety of forms and retrieve information that they have stored earlier

Pupils are taught to use text, tables, images and sound to develop their ideas, trying things out, like different colours on an image, and exploring what happens in real and imaginary situations. They share their ideas by presenting information in a variety of forms, review what they have done to help them develop their ideas and talk about what they might change in future work.