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GCSE Product Design is extremely desirable for students considering Product Design at AS, A2 and beyond. If students are considering this subject at AS and, through circumstance and opportunity, have not studied the subject before, then a discussion with the Head of Department is required before opting for this subject.


The department runs trips to a number of local manufacturing facilities so that the pupils can develop a deeper understanding of how industry tackles the complex systems inherent in all design and manufacture facilities. Central to such visits is the opportunity to witness the importance of quality control and high tolerance repeatability in modern manufacturing systems and how these dovetail and integrate fully into the world of computer integrated manufacture.

Pupils, if studying Maths and Physics alongside D&T, are encouraged to take part in the excellent HeadStart program that gives potential engineering students an insight into the subject and its delivery at university level.  The department uses its contacts in industry to help support the pupils, particularly at A level, where possible and appropriate. They can provide useful feedback to help support an individual’s design and manufacturing journey.

Product Design

The specification followed at A-Level is the AQA Design and Technology: Product Design. Link to AQA website. 

The Product Design course is very useful if considering Engineering [plus Maths, Physics and another subject at AS], Architecture [plus Art & Design] or similar type courses at post 18 education. It encompasses all the other subjects within the Design and Technology umbrella and allows pupils to design with few barriers and means that they can develop products and work in areas that they have a real interest in.

Of particular benefit will be the CAD/CAM that is forming an ever more central role in Engineering based Higher Education study at university.


Unit 1: PROD1 Materials, Components and Application – 2 hour written exam (worth 50% of AS and 25% of A-Level).

Unit 2: PROD2 Learning Through Designing and Making – Coursework (worth 50% of AS and 25% of A-Level).


Unit 3: PROD3 Design and Manufacture – 2 hour written exam (worth 25% of A-Level).

Unit 4: PROD4 Design and Making Practice – Coursework (worth 25& of A-Level).