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GCSE Product Design is extremely desirable for pupils considering Design and Technology Product Design at Advanced Level and beyond. If pupils are considering this subject at AL and, through circumstance and opportunity, have not studied the subject before, then a discussion with the Head of Department is required before opting for this subject.


Product Design

The specification followed at A-Level is the AQA Design and Technology: Product Design. The pupils will develop in-depth knowledge and understanding about the core technical principles that are central to all modern design and make activities. These will then be applied to a coursework component and tested in two examination papers sat at the end of the two years.

Link to AQA website. 


The Product Design course is very useful if considering Engineering [plus Maths, Physics], Architecture [plus Art & Design] or similar type courses at post 18 education.

CAD/CAM is an important element in the AL course. This is forming an ever more central role in Engineering based Higher Education study at university.

Pupils, if studying Maths and Physics alongside D&T, are encouraged to take part in the excellent HeadStart program that gives potential engineering students an insight into the subject and its delivery at university level.

Course Overview: the 3 component parts to the Course

Paper 01

(Written paper: 30% of A Level)        2 ½ hours

Core technical principles are tested.

Mixture of short answer and extended response.

Paper 02

(Written paper: 20% of A Level)        1 ½ hours

Core designing and making principles are tested.

Mixture of short answer and extended response questions. 15% of the paper is Maths based questions.

Section A: Product Analysis: 30 marks

Section B: Commercial manufacture: 50 marks


(Non-Exam Assessment – coursework – 50% of A Level)

This is the practical application of technical principles, designing and making principles.

Pupils will be required to undertake a substantial design and make task and produce a final outcome. The context of the task will be determined by the pupils.

The pupils will produce an electronic design portfolio and a manufactured outcome/s.