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D&T: Product Design allows students to develop a range of communication, analytical and practical skills. These include: developing basic drawing skills through to using CAD; producing written work that will demonstrate higher level critical analysis through objective evaluation throughout the design process coursework component; the acquisition of skills to facilitate the manufacture of practical outcomes that support the design and development work.

This subject encourages pupils to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques. Materials studied include paper and card, plastic, metal, wood, smart and modern materials.

These are then manipulated through a range of practical processes, including CAM, into solutions that are functional, aesthetic, satisfy a need and are reflective of the need to develop products that are ever more sustainable and morally justifiable.

In Lower Grammar, pupils are given an introduction to the knowledge and skills that will be required at GCSE level. The pupils are introduced to both design and manufacture through design and make tasks.

They are required to work to a close tolerance and encouraged to produce high quality outcomes. The development of hand skills is central to this experience.