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Pre-Prep to Elements

Pupils at St Mary’s Hall have a dedicated, specialist drama teacher and all pupils participate in a weekly drama lesson. In lessons, we recognise the need for fun and play (“pretending”), building upon each child’s natural desire to experience and create meaning from the world around though imitative behaviour including “pretend” play and role-play.

All children participate in at least one school production per year, starting with the Nativity in Hodder House.  Children build on this by gaining an understanding of Drama as a learning subject, enjoying participating in the drama process and becoming excited by their ability to “create” new worlds and experiences, whether through the medium of script-based work or their own devised performances. At the end of each unit, children self-assess and reflect upon their learning within the unit. These units build, over time, an understanding of dramatic form and vocabulary, as well as providing the children with a range of skills and experiences they can draw on in their future development.

There is a clear set of teaching objectives for each unit, and for each year group, progressing and developing over time. By the time they reach Key stage three, students should be able to participate in a wide range of drama activities and to evaluate their own and others’ contributions; create, adapt and sustain different roles, individually and in-groups; use character, action and narrative to convey stories, themes, emotions, and ideas in devised and scripted plays; use dramatic conventions to explore characters and issues, e.g. hot seating, flashback, representing issues in different ways; and evaluate their own and others’ contributions to the overall effectiveness of performances.