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Poetry and Rhetoric 

Theatre Studies is a life enhancing subject; it offers rare opportunities to develop as a performer and a communicator. At Stonyhurst, pupils will be able to take part in large and small scale productions. They will be working with people who are talented and well-motivated. They will become experienced in the interpretation and direction of plays through performances and workshops.

Studying Drama at A Level is necessary for students wishing to pursue a performance-related degree or vocation. The high levels of transferrable skills developed over the course are also an asset for numerous future pathways, such as Journalism, Politics, Public Relations and Teaching.

The specification followed at A-Level is AQA. Link to AQA website. 


AS / A2 Course

The AQA Drama and Theatre Studies course generates skills for life.  The subject develops management and teamwork techniques, research and interpersonal skills, responsibility, creativity and confidence.

The AS course focuses on giving students a broad experience of live theatre and asks them to form critical, evaluative judgments of it. Students also study a set work and perform in a piece of scripted theatre for a large audience and a visiting moderator.

Unit 1: Live Production Theatre Seen and Prescribed Play (60%) – 1 hour 30 minutes written exam.
Unit 2: Presentation of an Extract from a Play (40%). Candidates present work in the form of a scripted piece.

At A2 level students refine their critical thinking skills by studying two further set texts. They also work in an ensemble to produce a devised performance based upon a chosen theatrical style. This is performed to an audience and a visiting moderator.

Unit 3: Set Texts – 2 hour written exam (60%)
Unit 4: Presentation of Devised Drama (40%). Candidates present original devised work.

International Baccalaureate
IB Theatre Arts offers students a wide breadth of study, looking into the work of many theatre practitioners and playwrights. Students also study theatre history and look at the development of theatre in both Eastern and Western cultures.

Students at both Higher and Standard level study three main topics: Theatre in the Making; Theatre in Performance and Theatre around the world. They also complete an Independent Project.

The assessment outline of the course is as follows, and students complete each of the components during the course. There are no written examinations.

Research Presentation (S+H) (30% at S, 20% at H) – external assessment.
Director’s Notebook (S+H) (35% at S, 20% at H) – external assessment.
Solo Theatre Piece (H only) (35%) – external assessment.
Collaborative project (S+H) (35% at S, 25% at H) – internal assessment.

Link to International Baccalaureate website.