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Figures, Rudiments, Lower Grammar

Expectations of what students can achieve with a specialist Drama teacher are high, and the quality of drama work produced at the upper end of St Mary’s Hall is very exciting.

All students have one double class drama lesson per week in which they participate in a range of drama activities and learn to evaluate their own and others’ contributions, individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole class.

We teach pupils to: use a variety of dramatic conventions to explore ideas, issues, texts and meanings; use different ways to convey action, character, atmosphere and tension in scripting and performing plays, e.g. through dialogue, movement, pace; appreciate how the structure and organization of scenes and plays contribute to dramatic effect; and evaluate critically the intentions and performance of dramas in which they have participated or have watched.

All Pupils in Years 7 & 8 participate in the end of year Summer Production at the Summer term Parents’ Weekend, and in addition to this, Year 8 students perform in an abridged Shakespeare play in the Easter term.  Lower Grammar pupils do not have compulsory Drama lessons, but are free to participate in the many clubs, activities and productions on offer at the College.