Grammar and Syntax

Students are taught by ability with a single teacher leading students in both English language and literature through Grammar and Syntax (Years 10 & 11).

Stonyhurst students live and communicate in a global context, making their study of English Language IGCSE directly relevant to their lives. In literature our students study prose, poetry and drama, pre- and post- 20th Century, learning to relate texts to their historical, social and cultural contexts.

English Language
The specification followed at GCSE is Edexcel International English Language. Link to Edexcel website.

We want every student to enjoy learning about our language, not just because it is a core subject but because it is a subject students practice every day by speaking, listening, reading and writing.

At this level, students are expected to think for themselves, generate original ideas, discuss them with other people, and develop them, either on their own or collaborating in groups.

Students read different kinds of writing including autobiography, leaflets, adverts, magazine articles to hone their comprehension and interpretation skills. They also develop the ability to use a range of writing styles themselves and identify when each is appropriate.

Non-fiction Texts and Transactional Writing accounts for 60% of each student’s IGCSE grade. The remaining 40% comes from the study of Poetry, Prose Texts and Imaginative Writing.

English Literature

The specification followed at GCSE is Edexcel International English Literature. Link to Edexcel website.

This course consists of two components.

Component 1: Poetry and Modern Prose. This is worth 60% of the total IGCSE.

Component 2: Modern Drama and Literary Heritage Texts. This is worth 40% of the total IGCSE.

We recommend that students read as widely as they can, both to support their studies and as a temporary escape from them. Through literature, students learn about the experiences of others, different ways of life, moral values, ways of expression and how manners have changed between men and women, which can offer insight and wisdom about everyday life.