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Hodder House, Pre-Prep and Elements

The youngest children in the school develop a sense of time and place by learning through the familiar e.g. their own time line, people they know and places they visit.  Throughout the rest of the Lower School, the children are taught Skills Based Learning (SBL) through creative themes.

This allows the children to learn not only what they need to know but how to learn. By teaching these skills through creative themes that capture the children’s imaginations, learning becomes deep and relevant and the skills they learn are transferable to other subjects and topics. In history and geography, children are challenged to tackle key questions such as How could we create a city of the future? by looking at the problem as historians and geographers.

St Mary’s Hall pupils learn about Geography as part of a creative curriculum which incorporates many skills and disciplines in a fun, immersive manner.  They find out how to use geographical vocabulary through investigating their local area and a contrasting area, learning about the environment in both areas and the people who live there. They also begin to learn about the wider world. They carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom, using fieldwork skills like recording information on maps.

In doing this they ask geographical questions about people, places and environments, and use geographical skills and resources such as globes, plans and photographs. They are taught to ask geographical questions, observe and record, express their own views about people, places and environments and communicate about their activities and findings in different ways.  They identify and describe what places are like in terms of landscape, jobs, weather etc, where places are and how they have become the way they are and are changing