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History is a life enhancing subject and has a hugely significant part to play in the character development and sense of identity of our pupils. In a time when life is changing so rapidly, it is essential that young people develop a capacity for reflection and appreciation of the historical context within which all change takes place.

Stonyhurst History teaching seeks to engender a love for the study of the past. History is taught as an academic discipline in which students are encouraged to develop a spirit of enquiry through the use of  reading and research skills. The study of History is an enquiry into the past which seeks to discover the truth, even though the exact truth cannot be attained,  since the past can never be fully reconstructed or recalled. Students are taught to analyse and evaluate historical evidence and to communicate their ideas effectively through well reasoned argument.

The topics covered in History are designed to stimulate an interest in, and understanding of, people. Through our studies of the political, social and spiritual lives of those from previous generations,  we seek to develop an understanding and appreciation of the value of the experiences of others. We try to make good use of the College Buildings and Collections in our teaching. By the end of their studies of history at Stonyhurst, all students should be able to read the College buildings like a textbook and be able to appreciate the significance of the College within its specific historical context.