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Figures, Rudiments, Lower Grammar

At this level a selection of history courses are followed covering chosen topics between 1066-c.1918. Skills developed encourage curiosity, reading and research and the preparation of clear argument, all excellent training for higher level study in all subjects, as well as specific preparation for those who wish to go on and study this key subject at GCSE level.

Topics chosen focus largely on British History but also cover aspects of European and World History with support from specialist history teachers. For example, Paul Garlington, who has taught History for many years at Saint Mary’s Hall, is a renowned expert in the First World War with particular reference to the role played by former Stonyhurst pupils. His annual Year 7 trip to the Somme has become very much a right of passage and several generations of students have benefited from the unique insights gained from his exceptional knowledge and profound interest in this most significant of subjects.