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Grammar and Syntax

The skills developed through studying History at GCSE encourage a natural curiosity about people, how they behave and how their ideas affect our world.  Students are then better able to work out the truth of any situation for themselves, express their ideas clearly and have confidence in their ability to argue their case.

The AQA Modern World History Syllabus B is studied, which covers international topics from 1919-1970. Link to AQA website. 

The course is divided into three parts:-

  1. International Relations: Conflict and Peace in the 20th Century. Assessment: 1 hour 45 minute exam (37.5%).
  2. 20th Century Depth Studies. Assessment: 1 hour 45 minute exam (37.5%).
  3. Historical Enquiry – British History. Assessment: Controlled Assessment (25%).

Many of our GCSE students are inspired to continue to study history at an advanced level, also choosing to participate in the College History Society and attend talks by invited visiting academics.