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Hodder House, Prep and Elements

An interest in number, shape and measure is fostered in the youngest children in Hodder House through fun tasks, songs, games and role-play. Gradually, through practical activity, iPad apps and computer challenges the children slowly gain in confidence and move on to pencil and paper tasks.

Children are encouraged to use a wide range of mathematical equipment to assist them in their calculations and measurements as the maths becomes more challenging. Mathematics is taught as a discrete subject, but where appropriate children are presented with problems within creative themes. The children in KS2 have individualised programmes which allow them to move at their own pace and aim for excellence. In Hodder Hose and St. Mary’s Hall, we consistently achieve above national average levels in end of key stage tests.

During their time at St Mary’s Hall, and under the guidance of their class teacher, pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematics through practical activity, exploration and discussion. They learn to count, read, write and order numbers. They develop a range of mental calculation skills and use these confidently in different settings. They learn about shape and space through practical activity which builds on their understanding of their immediate environment. They begin to grasp mathematical language, using it to talk about their methods and explain their reasoning when solving problems

Teaching ensures that appropriate connections are made between topics dedicated to ‘number’, ‘shape, space and measures’, and ‘handling data’. During key stage 2 pupils use the number system more confidently. They move from counting reliably to calculating fluently with all four number operations. They are taught always try to tackle a problem with mental methods before using any other approach. Pupils are taught to explore features of shape and space and develop their measuring skills in a range of contexts. They discuss and present their methods and reasoning using a wider range of mathematical language, diagrams and charts. During this time we aim that they gain in confidence, skill and enjoyment.