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Lower Grammar

German is not taught at St Mary’s Hall. Most pupils study two foreign languages in Lower Grammar, and the options are French, Spanish and Beginners’ German.

There are three, thirty-five minute periods, and one studies per week for each language. As a minimum, pupils choose one modern foreign language to GCSE, but we encourage as many as possible to continue with two, given the importance of foreign languages in the modern work-place.

All resources and activities are clearly linked to the MFL framework in order for pupils to achieve the following aims:

  • Linguistic competence
  • Knowledge about language
  • Creativity
  • Intercultural understanding

Lower Grammar German is centered around the excellent course Echo Express 1, which is a multi-media package, including interactive whiteboard content, a textbook and a pupil workbook.  Teaching involves an integrated approach where basic topics (such as family and friends, leisure, school) are taught with the focus on the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Regular testing of new words and phrases is crucial, and draws on our online vocabulary-learning resource Quizlet, while progress is monitored through differentiated end-of-unit assessments, following which targets can be reviewed.