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Figures, Rudiments, Lower Grammar

Pupils follow a combination of plans and resources for the three years of work in KS3. Each year group attends 2 periods of Spanish a week in addition to the 2 French periods.

All resources and activities are clearly linked to the MFL framework in order for pupils to achieve the following aims:

Linguistic competence
Knowledge about language
Intercultural understanding

The pupils follow the Spanish course Mira which puts a strong emphasis on the practical use of language. Pupils are encouraged to develop confidence in speech and writing through frequent short, fun tests, including visual spelling tests, to ascertain their understanding; something the pupils enjoy tremendously as it gives them a sense of achievement.  Differentiation is always paramount and, when necessary, a different format test is given to SEN pupils. We use online programmes, such as BBC Languages and Linguascope games for fun and easy learning.  Relevant cultural programmes about Spanish speaking countries are shown in the classroom. We use praise words in lessons and when correcting exercises.  In addition, the pupils can obtain stickers with the same praise words for their written work. All units have various activities, including extension activities to provide differentiated tasks for individual pupils.

We have a variety of resources such as DVDs and CDs, graded readers, worksheets, flashcards and other print materials.  Most of them, however, are created by the teacher, taking into account all abilities. Whenever possible the Spanish teacher will use the target language to address the class, or to explain different tasks. Emphasis is placed on correct Spanish pronunciation.

Most pupils study two foreign languages in Lower Grammar, and the options are French, Spanish and Beginners’ German.  There are three, thirty-five minute periods, and one studies per week for each language.  We prepare those who are continuing with Spanish to take part in the Comenius project with our sister Jesuit School, Colegio San Jose, in the Basque country, which takes place in Grammar.  As a minimum, pupils choose one modern foreign language to GCSE.  We encourage as many as possible to continue with two, given the importance of foreign languages in the modern work-place.