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Pre-Prep to Elements

Pupils at St Mary’s Hall are taught to work on their own, in groups of different sizes and as a class, developing their musical skills through using their voices expressively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes.  They learn how to play tuned and untuned instruments, rehearsing and performing with others. They create and develop musical ideas, learning how to create musical patterns and explore, choose and organise sounds and musical ideas.

With the support of their specialist music teacher, they explore and express their ideas and feelings about music using movement and expressive and musical language, making improvements to their own work.

Students learn how to listen with concentration, as well as to internalise and to recall sounds with increasing aural memory.  Their musical vocabulary and understanding gradually increases until they can understand and express how the combined musical elements of pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and silence can be organised and used expressively and also how sounds can be made in different ways, for example, by vocalising, clapping, by musical instruments and in the environment.

They also develop an understanding of how this can be described using given and invented signs and symbols.  By the time they are ready to progress to Key Stage 3 they should have a range of musical skills that integrate performing, composing and appraising, be able to respond to a range of musical and non-musical starting points and a range of live and recorded music from different times and cultures, understanding how music is used for particular purposes for example, for dance, or as a lullaby.