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Grammar and Syntax

The Edexcel GCSE Music Course provides the opportunity to develop the skills of performing, composing and listening. Link to Edexcel website. 

Music is a very creative subject and the range of music studied is wide, so that everyone will encounter both familiar styles and plenty of new and interesting pieces.

Music qualifications at any level add something very special to a CV since they demonstrate important transferable skills and help pupils to stand out from the crowd.

The course is divided into three components:

Component 1
30%: Performing – divided into preparing one solo and one multi-track ensemble performance piece.  Each piece is recorded for assessment at any time during the course.

Paper 2
30%: Composing – Two compositions. One of which is to a set brief, the other is a free composition. Together they must last for a minimum of 3 minutes.

Paper 3
40%: Listening and Appraising – A 1 hour and 45 minutes listening paper in which questions are asked on the four areas of study, which are:

Instrumental Music 1700-1820
Vocal Music
Music for Stage and Screen