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Government and Politics fits in well with a variety of subjects and is recognised as a quality AS/A2 subject by all universities.  The subject is particularly good preparation for PPE, International Relations and Law.

The specification followed at A-Level is AQA Government and Politics. Link to AQA website. 

During the course, pupils develop a wide ranging political knowledge and learn to analyse political issues and events. As part of the course an annual visit to the Houses of Parliament is organised and guest speakers are invited to the College to address The Politics Society.

Most pupils have not studied Politics before and so the subject is taught assuming no prior student knowledge. Assessment is exam based with no externally assessed coursework but pupils are asked to keep a political diary tracking current events.

The AS course includes two units:

People, Politics and Participation
Governing Modern Britain.

Both of these units are assessed with a 1 hour and 30 minute examination.

We focus on British Government and Politics and study topics including political participation, voting behaviour, political parties, electoral systems, the British Constitution, Parliament and the core executive.

The A2 course is made up of a further two units:

The Politics of the USA
The Government of the USA

Both of these units are assessed with a 1 hour and 30 minute examination.

We concentrate on the USA with topics including political parties, voting behaviour, the constitutional framework, executive and judiciary.