Grammar and Syntax

In Grammar (yr 10), PSHE is assigned a 70 minute period per fortnight.  Issues relating to PSHE are also followed up in tutor time. These classes continue to develop work introduced at Key Stages 3 and the schemes of work reflect this, looking at the topics introduced at KS3, but at a deeper level.

In addition to the PSHE provision in Year 10, Religious Studies deals with Catholic teaching on abortion, different views on abortion and the sanctity of life. This runs parallel to the PSHE programme in the summer term; also in the summer term the RS programme deals with the developing world and CAFOD.


In years 10 and 11, all pupils take Religious Studies to GCSE level and in year 11, the syllabus deals in a Christian / Catholic way with many of the PSHE issues, as PSHE and RS naturally have shared aims and common concerns.

In year 11, the Catholic Church’s attitude to relationships, sex, marriage and divorce, abortion, family planning, responsible parenthood, contraception, crime and punishment, euthanasia, war and peace and vocation are covered.