Poetry and Rhetoric

In Higher Line, Religious Studies continues as an essential part of Stonyhurst Sixth Form education. Each pupil follows a non-examined course called Theology General which is devised by the RS Department. This is in addition to AS/A2 Level options.

There is a significant PSHE element in the Higher Line Theology General programme.

The aims of the course are ‘to challenge each and every pupil to reflect upon what it means to be a Roman Catholic in today’s world.’  Included in this programme are the following:

  • Ignatian Spirituality (including Prayer and Meditation)
  • Sexual Ethics
  • Moral Choices – the role of the conscience
  • Social Justice (see below)
  • World faiths

The programme on Social Justice punctuates the programme in Poetry, and takes the form of lectures and lecture/workshops from visiting speakers and ‘In House’ presentations. The subjects change from year to year depending on the availability of the speakers, but the following topics are generally covered during the 2 year course:

  • Homelessness
  • Disability
  • Drug-rehabilitation
  • The Prison Service
  • Vocations
  • AIDS as a world problem
  • NGOs – National and Local Charities
  • Third World problems
  • Voluntary Service Overseas
  • Genetic Programming

Higher Line pupils also attend a series of lectures, which reinforce the Lower Line teaching and these include.

  • The dangers of smoking and alcohol abuse.
  • Illegal drug use.
  • Driving Awareness.