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Stonyhurst enjoys a long and proud history of sporting achievement, encompassing a policy of “Sport for All” whilst striking a balance between encouraging excellence and ensuring sporting inclusion for all.

Games in the College helps our students develop control, co-ordination, and mastery of the body. They learn through action, sensation and observation.  Games helps our pupils to balance the focus of their academic work by providing a contrasting break in which they enjoy physical activity.

Satisfaction and enjoyment arise from working with a sense of purpose and practising hard enough and long enough to overcome the challenges presented by the practical work.

The size of games’ classes varies according to the specific requirements and inherent characteristics of each particular activity.  The selection procedure is pupil orientated but overseen by the Games Staff, and a list of every pupils’ games commitments is held in the Games Office and posted on respective Notice Boards.

Games assists total development by offering experiences in doing, sensing and observing with its unique contribution being through physical activity.