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Higher Line KS5

Poetry and Rhetoric 

4 lessons a week (1 hr 20 mins per lesson) There is a wide range of games options available to Higher Line pupils, including Soccer, Basketball, Shooting, Zumba and Badminton, as well as the more traditional team games. As they become older and more skilled in their chosen games, students become more able to support actively and contribute positively to the College’s overall philosophy.

All members of the Games department are conscious of the spiritual life and aims of the college and wholeheartedly contribute to the enhancement of this mission by their example and their work.

Stonyhurst pupils work cooperatively and develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills. They develop the ability to plan, compose and perform movement sequences in a wide variety of activities, increasing their awareness of their own capabilities and their appreciation of individual differences.  Most especially they develop and extend their enjoyment of physical activity in school and for life.

Many of our higher line pupils also embrace the opportunities we provide for them to attend coaching courses and obtain relevant sports qualifications.