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Key Stage 3

Figures, Rudiments, Lower Grammar

Pupils have 4 games lessons a week (1 hr 20 mins per lesson). We believe in the education of the whole individual, allowing development of personal motor skills and fitness to the best of each pupil’s ability.

Focus is on improvement of their physical well being and students enjoy the team games of rugby, rugby 7’s and cricket in the case of boys, and netball, hockey and rounders in the case of girls.

Students learn to select, practice and improve in their sport, to set realistic personal goals and make sensible decisions about their participation in physical activity, in which activity and at what level. We help our pupils develop social qualities through individual, partner and group participation in games lessons.

They learn to appreciate the importance of fair play and abide by the rules and codes of conduct in all activities.  In doing so, we encourage the healthy ideals of teamwork, co-operation with others, leadership, responsibility and communication.