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Hodder House, Prep and Elements

In the Lower School, religious education is taught through the Come and See scheme. In the Foundation Stage, where children learn through stories and play, learning is integrated into other subjects to make it relevant to them.

Under the guidance of their class teacher, and the Chaplaincy team at St Mary’s Hall, pupils learn through exploring a range of religious stories and talking about their meanings.  They learn to name and explore a range of celebrations, worship and rituals in the Roman Catholic faith and in other religions, noting similarities where appropriate.

They learn to identify the importance to people of belonging to a religion, recognising the difference it makes to their lives. Pupils begin to explore how religious beliefs and ideas can be expressed through the arts and communicate their responses, identify and suggest meanings for religious symbols and begin to use a range of religious words. They have many opportunities to reflect on and consider religious and spiritual feelings, experiences and concepts such as worship, wonder, praise, thanks, concern, joy and sadness, asking and responding imaginatively to puzzling questions and communicating their ideas to others.

They reflect on how spiritual and moral values relate to their own behaviour and recognise that religious teachings and ideas make a difference to individuals, families and the local community, recognising choices they can make, and  the difference between right and wrong and realising that people and other living things have needs, and that they have responsibilities to meet them

The programme taught includes topics on
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  • Roman Catholic Christianity
  • at least one other principal religion
  • a religious community with a significant local presence
  • a secular world view