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Grammar and Syntax

Two 70 minute periods per week are timetabled for Religious Studies in Grammar and Syntax. In Grammar, work commences on the Gospel of St Mark. In Syntax, time is given to a deeper understanding of the sacraments of the Church and Moral Issues.

The Specification followed at GCSE is AQA Religious Studies (Specification 8063). Link to AQA website. 

Throughout the GCSE course two main components are studied:

Component 1 – Catholic Christianity. This involves Catholic beliefs, teachings, practises, sources of authority and forms of expression in relation to the following 6 topics; Creation, Incarnation, The Triune God, Redemption, Church and Eschatology.

Component 2 – Perspectives on Faith. This involves the study of textual themes  and the study of religious, philosophical and ethical themes.

Two written exams at the end of the course. Each exam is 1 hour and 45 minutes in length and is worth 50% of the total GCSE. There is no coursework at GCSE level.