IBCP Structure

An IBCP student will develop their own unique programme of study, by moving through three stages.

Stage 1 – choose your career related study – EITHER Sport OR Business

Stage 2 – choose TWO complementary Diploma programme courses. These can be selected from a range of appropriate subjects, and can be chosen at EITHER Higher Level OR Standard Level. The pupils will be working with IB Diploma pupils, and the content and assessment is exactly the same as that undertaken by IB Diploma candidates.

Stage 3 –all IBCP students follow a common IBCP Core, which covers four strands, and is internally assessed.

Service learning – where students will undertake service initiatives in response to community needs

Language Development – students will develop a further proficiency in a second language, developing a better understanding of the language and culture of their chosen country

Personal and Professional Skills – in these classes, students will work collaboratively to develop the “attitudes, skills and strategies to be applied to personal and professional situations and contexts now and in the future” (sources: IBO, 2017)

Reflective Project – this is a research project which will enable students to “identify, analyse, critically discuss and evaluate an ethical issue arising from their career-related studies” (source: IBO, 2017)