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The IB Diploma comprises a core of intellectual, moral and social studies which require students to complete an extended research-based essay (EE), a Theory of Knowledge course (ToK) and compulsory co-curricular programme entitled Creativity, Action, Service (CAS).

Unlike A-level, the IB Diploma is a coherent and integrated programme of study.

IB students study six subjects, choosing options from the groups below:

1. First Language and Literature
(English, German, or other – by arrangement: e.g. Spanish, French)

2. Language Acquisition
(English, French, German, Spanish; Latin; Spanish and German for Beginners)

3. Individuals and Societies
(Business and Management, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy)

4. Experimental Sciences
(Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

5. Mathematics
(Mathematics, Mathematical Studies)

6. Elective
(another subject from Groups 1 to 4 or an Arts subject – Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts

Three subjects are studied at Higher Level (providing a depth roughly equivalent to A2 level) and three subjects are studied at Standard Level (leading to a standard similar to AS level, but over two years).

For IB students who initially find the mathematics or language components more challenging, we offer Mathematical Studies and beginners’ foreign language courses to develop skills and secure success in these areas.