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All students are expected to undertake independent study each day in addition to their work in the class room. Day pupils who choose to stay after the end of lessons can join boarders for formal studies sessions.

The sessions are split by year group and supervised by our academic staff who are on hand to offer support. We also offer daily English as an Additional Language (EAL) studies session.

Study time increases as students progress through the school and each student has an academic diary to record the information they need to successfully complete set work. We check academic diaries in class or tutor period, and ask parents of day pupils and weekly boarders to make comments and sign-off your child’s diary each week.

We also work with pupils who receive 1s and 2s for effort, to help them to achieve Independent Learner Status by reflecting on, discussing and following action points recorded in their Stonyhurst Learner Profile.

icon_pdf  Stonyhurst Learner Profile (pdf download)