Academic Scholarships

The Pathway

Academic Scholars are expected to demonstrate full participation in the intellectual and cultural life of the College, overseen by the Head of Academic Scholars: this will include involvement in internal and external competitions, enrichment talks, cultural trips and science workshops. A newsletter of super-curricular opportunities is sent out each month to inspire pupils to extend their learning beyond the classroom. In addition, Academic Scholars complete the Higher Project Qualification (equivalent to half a GCSE) during Grammar / Year 10. This allows them to research and write about an academic topic of personal interest. Pupils also meet with the Head of Academic Scholars to discuss their progress and set personal targets for their further development. In Higher Line, Academic Scholars may be expected to take mentoring or other leadership roles, to support scholars’ events, and to show enthusiastic and timely participation in UCAS/next steps programmes, including the Oxbridge Programme where applicable. A level pupils are strongly encouraged to consider taking the Extended Project Qualification to further their research skills, while IB pupils will all complete an Extended Essay on a subject of their choice.

Expectations of Academic Scholars

Under the direction of the College Head of Academic Scholars and Headmaster of St Mary’s Hall, all pupils who hold scholarships will be expected to participate enthusiastically in, as well as promote the academic and cultural life of Stonyhurst College or Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall. The progress of all scholars, as well as their conduct, must remain satisfactory at all times. Additionally, older scholars may mentor younger scholars. Where possible, Academic Scholars in the Sixth Form (Higher Line) will be expected to select for study (either A level or IB) those subjects in which they were examined for the scholarship. The continuation of a scholarship into the next academic year depends on the scholar continuing to engage with the programme in place for them.  Awards given at 11+ are retained into the College, subject to scholars continuing to meet the criteria above. In practice, we anticipate that most scholars will retain their award throughout their time at Stonyhurst. 

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Criteria and process for applications 

11+ Entry
Applicants for 11+ Academic scholarships are only invited by the Headmaster following commendable 11+ entrance examination results or, for early applicants, an age-appropriate online entrance examination as part of the admissions process. Academic scholarships at 11+ are awarded on the results of examinations in English, Mathematics, and Critical Thinking, alongside performance at interview.

Only those candidates achieving commendable entrance examination results in the 11+ entrance assessment, held on Saturday 15th October 2022 at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall, will be invited to sit for the scholarship examination by the Headmaster. An interview with the Headmaster plays an important part in the award process.

13+ Entry
Academic scholarships are awarded on the results of examinations in English, mathematics and science. To be invited to the scholarship sitting, external scholarship candidates need to have achieved the required level in their online entrance examination along with grades achieved over the past two years, evidenced through school reports. Examinations are intended to give ample scope for the candidate to demonstrate his/her ability. An interview with the Headmaster plays an important part in the award process.

16+ Entry
Awards are available to candidates intending to study either A levels or IB programmes. Academic scholarships are awarded on the results of an examination in critical thinking, which is compulsory, and an examination in two of the following subjects: biology, chemistry, drama & theatre studies, English literature, geography, history, mathematics, physics, religious studies, classical languages (Greek and Latin), or modern languages either as a foreign language or native speaker (Spanish, German, French and Italian). An interview with the Headmaster plays an important part in the award process.


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Important deadlines

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